How our Prospect Catalyst system helps SaaS & Tech companies add at least $300k in new revenue, within 5 months or less


LazapMedia is a development & growth establishment for SaaS & tech companies. Unlike your traditional marketing agencies, we integrate into your business and build out, maintain and perfect 1:1 outbound acquisition systems. This is achieved by using the latest AI-powered technologies, tailored & unique action plans and high key market knowledge.

Traditional Outbound Methods

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Our 6-Step Flywheel Process for Urging Meeting Leads:

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Company Integrated Research

We'll deep dive and understand your business's operations, as well as your target market like the back of our hands. Instead of using GPT, we reach our directly to your market to understand their needs, wants, beliefs, pain points and much more.

Bullet-proof Infrastructure

We build out custom and unique outbound infrastructure for each individual client. This consists of using best practices to ensure constant 100% deliverability, AI-powered self healing maintenance and verification of all leads before send outs. (no bounces)

Maximum ICP Qualification

We make sure that you are in front of the companies YOU WANT TO work with 90% of the time, not just random companies. We access databases not many have access to, combined with SERP scraping to be guaranteed they are who you desire.

Compelling Propositions

Unlike the rest who do generic messaging or messages that sound supeeeer salsey, we uniquely craft the messaging to appeal directly to the responsible role. The messages are presented in line with their desires & presented in a clear and quantifiable way.

Omnichannel Follow-ups

We don't just only focus on email, we make sure we hit prospects from every angle possible. Wether that would be cold calling, Linkedin connects, personal facebook etc. We position you as the 'one ticket problem solver' for their problems.

Crystal Clear Comms

Have the fear of losing control? As we are integrated within your business, you can expect deep and insightful communication from us every week, regardless of Christmas or other holidays. When messaging the team, you can expect a reply within 30 mins.

Why even outbound in the first place?

As technologies evolve, so do strategies, market sophistications, prices and methods. Currently as it stands, outbound is the most direct form of communication without any platforms, high costs or middle men getting in the way. Ads have became super expensive and targeted over the past few years that, it costs thousands just to test and see what works and what dosen't. Same goes for SDR teams. You spend hours and thousand training them to only book 3-5 meetings a month on a 50k payroll. This is all simply inefficient and incompetent. However, with the simplicity of cold outbound has came large competition, shady tactics and spammy behaviour. To battle against such practices, more of the 'boring work' has to be fulfilled and become more tailored to specific scenarios. Such as: deeper research, more tailored ICP, more compelling messaging and much more. We have fought against the noise and fixed outbound for once and for all our clients. Once again, cold outbound stands as the most direct, cheapest, quickest and awareness channels ever yet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this legal? Is this compliant with laws?

Yes. This is 100% compliant with CAN-SPAM Act and GDPR. Emails are found using public information, and when unsubscribed they no longer get emails.

How do you ensure that these leads are actually qualified?

We hand over the lead list to you for review and to avoid disappointment. We expect the lead list to be sent back to us within 7 business days with the leads deemed unqualified, removed from the list.

What industries do you work with?

Our experience and expertise lies in a variety of SaaS industries. We have executed campaigns across various diverse categories of industries. Our strategy is unique to each client, therefore regardless of the industry we fulfil the specific action plan designed for you.

I don't have any funding & majority of my clients are referrals.

This is not an issue, we can work around starting a new and fresh marketing channel for you (outbound). If all of your clients are from referrals, then we'll go ahead and use those case studies to our advantage. A small and laughable amount is required to invest, however the amount is so small that funding is not needed for our specialities.

Can cold outbound at large scale harm our brand reputation?

We make sure that campaigns are crafted and delivered uniquely, meaning lazar targeted focus with compelling value propositions. They are delivered solutions to their problems, simple. This resonates with prospects, therefore enhancing your reputation rather than harming your brand.

How do you determine our ideal customer
profile & make sure it's accurate?

We'll go ahead and ask you a few unique questions about your business and in depth targeting (within onboarding you). We also work with you to understand your business goals and market dynamics coming from you and our own market research. Then with all of this information, we develop detailed customer profiles to be used within our lazar targeting protocols.

How much man power is required from us?

Nothing at all. We handle everything from A-Z and systemise the whole process on your business' behalf. All we need from you is industry and company specific information (which is remained confidential during and after us working with you). Expect detailed reports and weekly projections from us, regardless of holidays to know exactly what is going on and where the information is being used.

Ready to fill your calendar with clients you ACTUALLY want to work with?